A Word or Two About Stigma Busters

We are a group dedicated to fighting the social stigma which derives not from them (Whatever that means) associated with a complex collection of brain disorders which is topped with a kiss from a group designed to melt away the hostility people fear toward the mentally ill as you call them.

Such a simple task.

Look around you.

Of all the people in jail and arrested for heinous crimes those are seldom as publicized.  But you can bet every mass murderer suffered from mental illness.  This should be a lesson.  For there are many more people out there (than any one might, imagining nothing more difficult than how to get to bed or out of bed, too, feel severely abused, when will we acknowledge that?

I often wonder if we will ever get to the root of brain afflictions.  They evolve so rapidly, sometimes unexpectedly.  Random.  But consistent.  Stubborn.  Unwilling to budge. Yet no other illness is as complicated or more fascinating to study.

We represent the unrepresentable because are unable to do so ourselves.  Yet a small group has been invited to join our group and we have made tremendous progress.  We coached a brilliant 22 year old who had been diagnosed abnormal when she was ten.  Her high school career was highly untraditional.  Did home schooling for close to 2 years of high school.  She failed at one math class and when she took it her results were stunning.  In other words, highly gifted.

It’s a fucking bitch!

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