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A Word About Music…

I haven’t said much about that yet.  But music is a critical piece—of my life—at least.  I cannot live without it.  And when I am deprived of music, I suffer immeasurably.  And so let it be known, that I never travel without the presence of music in my ear.  Everything that I have done, everything I have reported here, has been composed while under the presence of music.  Sometimes the noise in the atmosphere forces me to lower the volume of what I hear—it is an automatic process—since I must hear other things, as well, in addition to what I enjoy listening to.  But eventually the music rises again, and is, once again, clear.

Having said that, I thought it would be nice to share the titles of a few of the pieces I enjoy the most, and their role in my role as reporter.

I know I already mentioned The Temptations, but I reserve them for special occasions, usually, and don’t listen to them as frequently as I do, the pieces below.  Also, since time is of critical importance here, I cannot list all that I listen to, only a mere sample.

Perhaps the most critical piece is the one I listened to over the course of 72 hours, beginning with the moment I left home (for I never leave home without first plugging in) on that fateful day, Thursday, May 6, 2010.

Album Title

— Sing The Sorrow —

Artist – A.F.I.


Miseria Cantare — The Beginning (2:57)

The Leaving Song Pt. 2 (3:31)

… But Home in Nowhere (15:07)

… But Home in Nowhere is the song that carried me through those 72 hours, where I witnessed the Hand of Tragedy, fold a troubled land into her palm, and gave it a moment of respite, perhaps, for the things that had yet to come.

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