A Different Approach to Management: The Dreamer

How many models of Management do we have? My impression is we basically use one. It’s the socially exclusive one. Management is at the top and its job is to be effective so different techniques are tested but the formula that is always there is the division of class and the implication of Power and the power to command – or control –  be it like its imperceptibly powerful ones or Hitler. There’s a lot that goes on in between. Definitely no shortage there. 

This is the basic model. 

We never veer far from it. 
Time we did. 

The Fluid Model of Management 
Let’s take a basic function and simple approach that incorporates time-management and productivity.  
The Garage on the other side is the trees. 

It operates 3 shifts. Someone is always there. 

Two to 3 men or women (same sex) work each shift. When you hire them, you reveal your strategy as a Boss. 

You tell the new employee they will work on an assigned shift for 2 weeks. After that they will be able to move around, to see which is the best match for them, not you. Because the best match for them will (AIN’T THIS THE SHIT, or what?  Smart spell check. Goes from yield to yokel.  Just exactly what I had on my mind. yokel) 

Will yield great returns for you. 

But you know?  You don’t come up with ideas like this sitting in an office, wearing a suit and tie. In fact, you can be certain that putting people in those boxes will yield nothing more than subservience and a bored spirit.  

This is a magical moment that comes along when you’re sitting under your umbrella in the rain, drinking your espresso, looking at the sky and having your first cigarette. 

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