19 Year Old Rattles America and News Junkies

I’m sure everyone wants to know what was/is going on in his head.  What made it possible for him to become a terrorist at such an early age?  If I were the FBI, I’d be going through their computers and apartment right now.  How did they live?  Were there any clues visible?  What about that remark the younger one made to his friends about terrorism not being a big deal.  It wasn’t in his country.  Terrorism was common there.  So what did he mean by that statement?

I hope they catch him alive.  Really important to find what makes him tick.  The uncertain thing is how dangerous is he right now?  How do they get him alive?  Suicide seems to be a way out in these situations.  Remember the ex-cop of LAPD?  That’s what he chose in the end.  Would have been fascinating to have caught him alive.  Imagine the contribution these people make to our understanding of the brain…

What’s really amazing is how quickly the FBI worked to find him.  The thousands and thousands of visual images they had to put together.  Never underestimate the intelligence of adolescents, however.  Even now as I hear experts trying to explain this guy, they really don’t have a clue as to what makes him tick.  The FBI, I think, wants him alive.  Besides he’s only 19 years old.  And he has such a sympathetic face.  Looks so sweet. How can one kill him? I don’t want them killing him.  They need him alive.

Then again, it seems to be the perfect age to recruit a terrorist.  So maybe Muslim radicals promoted these type of acts as deserved.  After all, look at what America has done?  Sticks its nose everywhere.  But there is nothing normal about witnessing acts of terror in the country you live.  As a child.  That is NOT normal.  That is bound to have an affect on you.  So maybe even though they seemed acculturated they were in fact traumatized by the terrorism they witnessed as children.

They may have seemed normal.  But they were not by any stretch of imagination normal.  They are far from normal.  They just look normal.

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