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Suburban Somnolence Syndrome (SSS) Suburban Showers Ahead

Suburban Somnolence Syndrome (SSS)

Easy enough to remember.
But what does it mean?

I’d say (from experience) it means the desensitization of our senses – what do we hear in that environment? Police sirens and ambulances, surely, but usually those are in the distance. We never learn what happened during those runs. They were too far away. Perhaps because of the abundant foliage there, the sounds are muted.

But when you live in a city, you live within a certain heartbeat, where everything is distinctly clear – You see the ambulance drive down your street and an hour later you know it’s headed to a hospital nearby as it rushes up the street.

You are part of that experience.

The urban sound of cars blasting their favorite music at the stop light up ahead. Ah, the sweet flavor for the differences in people…

Plus, the pace is always fast. With lots of things to do, and usually within a thriving art community, Music, Research, top notch medical schools, like Johns Hopkins. Great food – that’s a biggie. Cause if you come from a place like Chicago, then Rockville, Maryland is not gonna satisfy your culinary habits when dining out.

Just a heart-beat away from excitement.

Images I took away from living in Olney, Maryland for seven much too long months was that it’s a creepy place to live. Kind of dark. And unfriendly. But the strongest image is of the day I went to pick up a prescription at the local CVS and saw what led me to conclude these people are indeed overmedicated. The entire wall of the pharmacy was – and it was a long wall – was stacked with prescriptions ready for pick-up. Top to bottom.

I was like –
Whoa. That’s a lot of fucking drugs.
Just like I said –

So opting for the suburbs as a way out of your problems won’t work. You take everything with you – including your problems, however much some people choose to believe they do not, and follow that mythical delusion religiously to death. –

Including your problems.

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